This film explores, through it’s two protagonists, a maid and her employer, themes of transnational dependencies. It uses a cross genre format of a commercial advert for sanitary pads within an observational documentary of their relationship. Mike is a 90 year old retiree in Cyprus. Irene is his Filipino maid - on call 24/7. Mike’s work has been his own choice – he describes it as a “holiday”. But he misses his work colleagues and sense of purposefulness. Irene’s choice of profession is dictated by her financial circumstances. How does this relationship, structured through intimacy and immigration law, play out in their adopted home? The film hinges around Irene’s side project of being a distributor for Longrich Bioscience. Selling women’s health products of questionable scientific basis through a pyramid scheme, Irene formulates new identities for herself in the world.

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