Starring Eunice Gayson is a two-part video installation starring the 1960s Bond girl, Eunice Gayson. Two viewing booths constructed from black fabric and projection screen material are suspended in the space. Entering the booths one after the other, the viewer is enveloped in each larger than life video. Outside the two booths, the projections spill over the edges of the screens and the videos and soundtracks crisscross.


The interview sequence is filmed in the intimate environment of Eunice’s home, where she tells anecdotes from her career. The second sequence features outtakes from a performance against a patterned backdrop. Talking both on and off set, Eunice discusses the trust necessary between director and artist. The physicality of her aging body is celebrated and contrasted through stories of youth and beauty. This work

explores themes of artistic control, intimacy and trust.

Videos can be viewed at:


Password: Brunei

Starring Eunice Gayson

Installation views