Shot in Ipoh, Malaysia, this short documentary looks at the course and effects of WWII for two people who were youths when the Japanese occupied. At dusk, the insects come alive and provide the atmosphere for Lee Mooi Mooi (aged 11 when the Japanese occupied) and Kok Ah Lok (aged 18) to share their stories. There isn't much time left to gather these stories as war survivors are now well into their 80s and 90s. Their recollections explore a commonly held hypothesis, that the British Empire started to collapse as a direct result of their role in World War 2, the end of an era in another sense. Archival material, courtesy of Imperial War Museum London, glides around behind an open door in the frame. Pairing the two resources of first hand accounts and archive, translates each material, opening the story up into a story about the wider Malaysian war experience.  

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The end of an era

Film stills